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About Us

Who We Are

Created by Yale University experts, the  SSINDEX provides high-quality, analytical environmental, social and governance (ESG) data from stakeholders to help companies, investors and lenders anticipate risks.


Stakeholders such as employees, clients, suppliers and communities have a confidential channel to report and evaluate, confidentially and in real time, opportunities of improvement and also to congratulate companies on their good performance.


Companies that perform well get certified which gives them visibility with investors and lenders, confirming that the information on ESG reports is having a positive impact that will bring financial returns to the company.

Problem We Solve

The SSINDEX helps companies to anticipate risks by capturing and analyzing stakeholders information across the value chain.


Auditors and sustainability standards are unable to anticipate risks such as:


  • Factors that affect  sales.


  • Operational issues that negatively affect the value chain.


  • Lack of integrity of employees, clients, suppliers, or others.


  • Situations that put people’s lives at risk.


  • Opportunities to reduce costs. 

Why Unsolved?

Auditors and sustainability standards analyze data and drive conclusions beased on:


  • Self-reported.


  • from past time.


This type of analysis have been proven not to be enough to anticipate risks. 


The SSINDEX identifies unknown risks by capturing and analyzing ESG data:


  • From stakeholders.


  • In present time.


Turning into a critical information for CEOs, Corporate affairs leaders, Sustainability Managers, Risks units, investors and lenders.

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Rise in Stakeholder Engagement

Unique methodology helps to increase stakeholder engagement  on average by 12% per year.

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More than 30% increase in  money and time efficiency compared to other stakeholder surveys and indexes.

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Measuring in +40 different countries and +20 different industries worldwide.

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Benchmark report includes +100,000 evaluations across countries, industries and sectors.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


We create a virtuous circle between companies and their stakeholders, helping them to identify risks and determine ESG opportunities.


Build a sustainable world, extending the use of SSINDEX in companies, investors, lenders and individuals.


  • We foster excellence in everything we do.
  • We build In honest and trustworthy relationships.
  • We believe in collaboration for improvement.
  • We constantly innovate to create value.

Multi-Stakeholders ESG Engagement That Anticipates Risks

The SSINDEX process is simple, delivering actionable results to promote risk mitigation and growth.


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