Anticipate Risks And
Identify ESG Opportunities

Using a unique methodology and software created by Yale University experts, based on key stakeholder insights.

Using a unique methodology and software created by Yale University experts, based on key stakeholder insights

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Auditors and sustainability indexes cannot fully anticipate risks and problems across businesses such as lower sales, higher costs, lack of integrity, value chain inefficiencies, health and safety problems, and others. 


Part of the problem is that auditors and indexes rely on analyzing past information that is self-reported by the company.

The Stakeholders Sustainability Index (SSINDEX) provides critical to anticipate risks, that complements auditing and sustainability indexes, such as the GRI and the SASB, with: 

Current information, instead of past information

Analysis of real-time data over 60 ESG specific topics.

Data reported by stakeholders, not from the company

Captures and analyzes diverse insights from employees, clients, suppliers, the community, investors and others.

SSINDEX helps companies, investors, lenders, consulting companies and individuals

Building a sustainable business ecosystem of mutual benefits:

  • INDIVIDUALS, such as clients, employees, suppliers and communities evaluate ESG performance according to real experiences with companies.
  • COMPANIES identify gaps, ESG opportunities and risks, using information of hundred thousands of individuals combined with a robust benchmark analysis.
  • INVESTORS are able to identify top company performers on ESG that are not only reporting good ESG initiatives but having an impact (positive or negative) on their stakeholders ecosystem to lead a higher financial performance.
  • LENDERS are able to capture new risk information by identifying which are companies monitoring business continuity to better pay their debts.
  • CONSULTING COMPANIES are able to better assess clients using core business information and benchmarks based ESG multi-stakeholders analysis.

Reason For Use

What do companies and users say 

Anticipate Risks

That impact: sales, integrity, value chain, costs, health, safety, and other business areas.

Increase Stakeholder Engagement

By connecting multi-stakeholder information and discovering specific courses of action.

Saves Time And Money

Multi-stakeholder analysis done efficiently and at a lower cost than individual stakeholder surveys.

Benchmark ESG Report

Unique benchmark report of over 60+ ESG subjects in 20+ industries.

Proven Results

The high quality results of the SSINDEX is a combination of 3 pillars, including:

Unique Methodology

Created by Yale University experts that analyzes +60 ESG variables and cross analyzes information between stakeholders.


Makes the process easy, efficient, including specific analytics to get to a high level of granularity.


Helps companies compare their performance with a benchmark and the top 25% of top companies.

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Rise in Stakeholder Engagement

Unique methodology helps to increase stakeholder engagement on average by 12% per year.

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More than 30% increase in money and time efficiency compared to other stakeholder surveys and indexes.

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Measuring in +80 different countries and +20 different industries worldwide.

+ 0 ,000

Benchmark report includes +200,000 evaluations across countries, industries and sectors.


Validate that stakeholders are engaged with the company, including a low rating risks evaluation and a positive impact of ESG practices.

Multi-Stakeholders ESG Engagement That Anticipates Risks

The SSINDEX process is simple, delivering actionable results to promote risk mitigation and growth.


For risks anticipation

The SSINDEX Benchmark Report includes +200,000 evaluations across industries and sectors, helping companies to compare their performance through a different range of topics, including

  • Overall ESG scores
  • Average performance
  • Top 25% of companies
  • Stakeholders performance
  • +60 ESG subjects
  • Evolution

Global and National Client Portfolio

The SSINDEX proudly maintains a client loyalty of 96% with companies across different countries, sectors and industries. 

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Using our unique methodology and software we are able to deliver tailored solutions for the needs of your business

SSINDEX Assessment

Lead by SSINDEX Team

SSINDEX Self-Serve SaaS

Self-serve Saas tool on SSINDEX implementation

Certifications on ESG

Validation of stakeholders engaged with the company and its work on ESG

Materiality Analysis

Including benchmark analysis of hundred thousand of stakeholders

Multi-Stakeholder Engagement

Proven annual increase of 12% average engagement across employees, clients, suppliers and communities

Benchmark ESG Report

200,000+ evaluations across industries and sectors

Leading ESG Companies Anticipate Risks throughout their Value Chain

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What do Clients Say?

SSINDEX brings value throughout the value chain

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